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Artist Profile - Simone Harrill BAHons

Since returning to England Simone has exhibited in Corsham, Bath, The Citadel, Stroud House and Cardiff, as well as taking part in events and competitions, recently winning the Harry Walker Memorial prize at the Victoria Gallery in Bath, with 'Fyfield Down'.


As well as her own works, Simone has done extensive work with school children, spending two mornings a week working with primary children, including constructing a temporal sculpture trail and a semi permenant interactive piece at Box Highlands school. Simone now lives and paints in Wiltshire, with her family.

"Fyfield Down"

"I walked down from the Down's towards Avebury, the sun began to drop and there was a spiritual feel in the landscape which was palpable."

The largest painting to be completed since the birth of her daughter, Fyfield Down heralded a strong move back towards large works, after smaller landscapes. The Marlborough Downs are very important to Simone, from both an artistic and a personal perspective.


A keen antiquarian Simone loves the Downs for their very age. Fyfield is ancient, and the Sarson stones which litter the down have been used for countless centuries for both the construction of the barrows and henges which litter the area and the sharpening of weapons and tools.

As well as being a very important part of British heritage, the Down is home to the most impressive of the three Neolithic sharpening stones remaining to us, Fyfield is one of the most beautiful of the Marlborough Downs sitting, as it does, right on the Ridgeway.

A more representative painting than mostof Simone's, this oil and varnish Landscape won the Harry Walker Memorial Prize at the Bath Society Of Artists annual competition in the Victoria Gallery, Bath in 2003. - A celebration of landscapes in oil by Simone Harrill