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Where to admire oil paintings and art

Oil paintings are important components of cultural expression. Through them the artist is capable of communicating and transmitting inspiring thoughts, ideas and emotions. Acquainted escorts can recommend you suitable galleries where you can appreciate the work of skilled representatives of all times.

Oil paintings with a unique identity

Oil paintings are undoubtedly the most beautiful and inspiring examples of plastic art. Through the ages, many virtuosos have left an impressive legacy that can be admired on many galleries and museums. Let your smart lady met on the Escort Directory provide you some guidelines regarding the main features a high quality work must have.

Taking some time to visit a gallery gives you the chance of acquiring new knowledge to comment it with colleagues and friends. Each painting has interesting features that ranges from the biography of the artist to the circumstance in which the creation was made.


However, one of the most fascinating things is to know how to assess a work of art. Clever escorts from know that each painting has different elements that make it a unique piece. They can help you to enrich your experience and to make the most of each visit to museums and galleries.

Some paintings reflect peace, some others express chaos. Regardless of their topic, it is important to start by appreciating the composition employed by the artist. It basically constitutes the way the virtuoso has chosen to distribute the elements for their representation.

Another feature to assess is the visual weight of each element. Your accomplished escort can explain you how to mentally divide the pictorial plane in order to identify which area has been loaded with more features and colors.

The painting also includes one or more “centers”. These are the areas that catch your attention as an observer. For instance, in the Giaconda made by Leonardo da Vinci, the protruding feature would be the female face.

Equilibrium is another important element of a painting, especially when you are appreciating an oil landscape. Experienced escorts are aware of the fact that every work of art of this kind must have a perfect balance. It implies a distribution of the elements within the space so that they create an overall harmony.

Admiring oil paintings of all times

Parisian Louvre Museum is probably the most important of the world. In recent times it has received more than 9.5 million visitors from different countries. Connoisseur escorts know that this gallery hosts around 35000 artworks in an exhibition space of 60500 square meters.

A visit to this museum can be quite exhausting but very rewarding. You can find the work of celebrated virtuosos like Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci.

However, an intelligent escort can recommend you certain areas that might interest you according to your preferences. She can provide you small tips and help you to collect practical information to plan your visit in advance.

It is worth to mention that this museum and other galleries offer you the opportunity of appreciating artworks from the comfort of your house. You can visit their websites and interactive exposition panels to admire the work of talented artists of all times.